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CXT Legal is a driven innovator amongst next generation legal businesses. Adelaide based lawyers, we offer premium legal consultancy services in corporate, commercial and financial services law throughout Australia and abroad.
Best Lawyers Adelaide, Fixed Fees, Specialised Advice, Corporate Commercial Law
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Fixed fees
& cost

We’ve thrown out the clock. You deserve cost certainty. We will design a budget that works with your objectives and cash flow (either fixed priced, a monthly subscription or a success fee). Oh, and you pay for the value we provide, not our time. Sound different? Let’s talk more.


You won’t get us professing that we are the experts of everything.  We’ll just deliver bespoke legal solutions in areas which we are the best. Remember the old adage, ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’.  Do better.  Work with us.


We’ve taken an axe to traditional law firm overheads and come up with a leaner and meaner product.  We’ve invested heavily in cutting edge technological systems and processes so we are more effective to your needs.  The end result?  You get a more quality product, for less.  For once, it’s great to have your head in the clouds.

We get

Rest assured, we are thought leaders and are continually innovating. We are proud of our business and that’s why we spend so much time on it. Our advisory board is stacked full of successful business people. We’re even happy to share some of our inner workings with you.  We’re here to help.