CXT Legal | How Cloud Technology Is Revolutionising the Legal Industry
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cloud technology

How Cloud Technology Is Revolutionising the Legal Industry

In the legal industry recent technological advances have improved the efficiency and security of the legal advice process, producing great results and enabling the client to save time and money, writes CXT Director Christos Tsonis.

Forward-thinking law firms should embrace new ideas and always look for the benefits for their clients. In a world where law firms should be charging by outcomes rather than billable hours, the advantages of cloud processes (to assist back end services) are allowing firms to cull traditional overheads and have the confidence to agree alternative pricing with clients.

Lawyers are now exploring four hot trends that are currently revolutionising the legal profession:

  • Process automation (reduce time wasted on monotonous, costly tasks)
  • Artificial Intelligence (e.g. for legal research)
  • Boutique firms (smaller law firms promoting inter-practice collaboration)
  • Cloud technology

Cloud technology is just one feature of an innovative and forward-thinking firm which can improve the services that the firm is providing.

The “cloud” is an online data storage and sharing system which acts much like a virtual office. Instead of storing documents on paper or in files on a hard drive, information can be accessed, edited and shared from all over the world by the people authorised to handle it.

Benefits Of Cloud-Based Computing In Law

There are many reasons why legal experts should engage the cloud. For example, cloud technology:

  • Reduces operating costs and IT support expenses
  • Enhances collaboration
  • Keeps law firms on the cutting edge of the latest trends
  • Cuts down costs for servers and hardware
  • Securely protects information from viruses and hardware malfunctions
  • Allows data to be restored should something happen to the office
  • Guarantees access to the most up-to-date versions of files
  • Creates unified documents with little chance of being lost on a USB drive or overlooked in an email

How does this impact you, the client?

The Cloud’s Place In A Lawyer’s Office

A lawyer who spends less time sifting through paperwork spends more time helping you. Cloud technology can make it easier for legal experts to do what they do best. A law firm that uses the cloud can to ensure that clients get fast results at more competitive price points.

Many people look at the CXT Legal business model and think that our fixed pricing represents risk; on the contrary, it’s been our platform for opportunity and growth and is the catalyst for our place in the market.

Do you need a legal expert to help sort out your business problem?

CXT Legal is committed to innovation. Our cloud-based communication, scoping and data storage systems help us provide our clients with the assistance they need in a time and cost efficient manner.

Boutique law firms, with lean methodologies and lower overheads, are best positioned to take advantage of new technologies and CXT Legal is a prime example of a pioneering legal practice in terms of streamlined client care.

Contact us for an initial discussion about your needs.

Christos Tsonis, Director, CXT Legal

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