CXT Legal | Why Collaboration is Key to New Law
Collaboration is key to new law and it brings huge benefits to the businesses who consume legal services, writes Adelaide lawyer Christos Tsonis.
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Why Collaboration is Key to New Law

Collaboration is key to new law and it brings huge benefits to the businesses who consume legal services, writes CXT Legal director Christos Tsonis. 

The world of business isn’t just changing – it’s switching solar systems.

Today’s business world demands more than ever before of those who have a share in it. As you’ve likely discovered, running a successful business requires the ability to adapt to new thinking and processes in order to keep up with the globalisation trend.

So when you need legal advice before your next big business move, you want to consult a team that’s as flexible as you are.

With so many companies having unique needs, it’s simply not practical to expect any single consultancy to have all the answers.

That’s why we see a growing new trend of collaboration in the legal services. It’s in direct contrast to the old world of law firms competing against each other.

CXT Legal is at the forefront of that change. Viewing specialised boutique firms as collaborators rather than competitors, it is routinely engaged by business for business in specialised areas of mergers and acquisitions, financial services and corporate and commercial law. Where other experts are required, it maintains the key, client facing role and leads the expanded team.

Why Collaborate For Your Next Legal Project?

More and more legal experts are starting to see the light. They’re accepting the fact that trying to be the “Fix-All Lawyer” no longer works, for both the client and the lawyer.

Instead of competing for clients the newer, specialised boutique law firms are working together to better serve their clients. This results in improved client satisfaction, making it a win-win for all involved.

Collaboration can be a little tricky, but the rewards make it worth all the effort:

  • Clients get access to a broader range of intelligence
  • Every case enriches the legal team’s store of experience to share
  • Innovative, customised solutions rapidly come to the fore

The key to offering detailed advice lies in specialisation.

Specialisation: Streamlining Legal Services

Specialisation is when a legal expert concentrates on just one area of expertise. Perhaps he or she can’t advise you on all aspects and angles of your business. But when you do need help in that specific area, you can be sure that you won’t find a better resource.

Specialisation tends to work the best when it’s practiced by a small core team of experts.

How do you find a specialist legal consultant?

Here’s where collaboration comes back into the discussion. When legal teams work together, they tap into networks and resources that could take you years to find on your own.

One of Adelaide’s pioneers for specialisation and collaboration in legal consultancy is CXT Legal.

How CXT Legal Is Improving Your Experience

Want a legal specialist in Adelaide who’s familiar with your industry?

CXT has a team of consultants on call who are market leading specialist practitioners in their own right. This enables CXT to offer broad expertise that is likely to cover most needs, from the simple to highly complex.

Cost efficient and outcome driven

CXT uses the most cutting-edge and innovative technology to help you save on the cost. Cloud data storage and backend systems are one of the ways CXT has slashed expenses.

CXT’s focus is on giving clients access to the resources they need, rather than generating fees.

First, CXT sizes up your situation and determines the exact needs of the client. CXT’s team doesn’t waste time talking in circles or offering help you don’t need. Next, clients are matched with the most suitable expert lawyers. If those specialists aren’t under CXT’s roof, they’ll reach out to their network and find the best available lawyer and project manage them as part of their transaction team.

Rather than paying for the time it takes, why not just pay for the work you want done?

CXT offers an alternative to the traditional time-based law firms with a high-end, fixed-fee business model that gives maximum value without cutting corners and lowering quality.

Let our team help your business get real results. Get in touch now to arrange a no obligation discussion about your needs.

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